We develop and implement solar power plant projects (SPP). Over the past 10 years we commissioned SPP projects with overall capacity more than 700MW. Since 2010 our team managed to reduce total SPP construction costs per project in 7 times. Today we have achieved the price of 600 Euro per kW of installed capacity.

If you are the house-owner, we can build a rooftop solar power station to you. Such solar station with a capacity of 30 kW will cost you 17.000 Euro and will provide you with an annual income of 7.000 Euro.

Current “Green Tariff” (“feed-In” tariff) in Ukraine allows owners of solar power plants to receive an income of 15-25% per annum, depending on the solar activity at the installation site and the construction costs of the SPP itself.

Investment portfolio of Consortium, million Euros


Total capacity of the Solar power plant projects implemented by Consortium participants, MW


Program of solar power plant projects implementation in 2019, MW

General information on investing in solar power plants

Investing in the solar generation of a modern tool for obtaining a stable income.

Solar power plant is an inviolable institution of private property, we represent, your private property.

We do not write a thesis on the topic: "We do not write dissertations on the topic:

Place your deposit at home ... not in the bank, not in the safe, but on the roof of your home.

Consequence: Your property increases in price, your roof generates income, your depository in the form of solar panels is placed on the roof and under control!


  • High risk of bank default;
  • Payment of income is not monthly, but at the end of the term;
  • Poor quality of service in most branches of banks.
  • Difficulties in the early return of the deposit;

Real estate

  • A large number of unscrupulous partners in the market.
  • Risks associated with damage;
  • Complex system of payment of taxes;
  • Low payment discipline of tenants;

Solar station

  • Investments in this sector are protected by legislation;
  • The situation on the market does not affect your income from the "Feed-in Tariff";
  • You have the opportunity to compensate for current electricity consumption;
  • The monitoring system allows you to monitor your station from anywhere in the world!

Partnership in solar generation projects

We do not create a competitive environment.

We create a partnership environment.

Suppliers, installers, project companies and land owners, we offer favorable conditions for participation in the implementation of large-scale projects.

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Offers for land owners

Owners of land plots within the boundaries of settlements and beyond have the possibility of placing solar power stations with a guarantee of a stable income.

If necessary, we provide services for uniting land shares, changing the purpose, at our facilities.

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Loan Offer

Have a great desire, but do not have the opportunity? Then this offer is specially for you!

CDC ENERGY, is an accredited partner of JSB "Ukrgasbank" and co-author of the national lending program "ECO-Energy", where it is possible to get financing up to 85% of the cost of a solar power station in UAH, with a rate from 0 to 16, 5% per annum.

Apply for a loan

JSB "Ukrgasbank" provides to individuals

loans for the purchase and installation of solar power plants,

solar collectors and heat pumps. Preferential loan

can be obtained under the credit program "ECO-Energy"

The maximum amount is 1 million hryvnia for a period of up to 5 years.

Our projects


Мощность 105,56 МВт

Генерация 132 500 МВт-час

Площадь 200 га

Проект размещения СЭС на кровле логистического центра

Capacity 600 KW

Land plot area 1 400 m


Capacity: 7,5 MW

Power generation: 9,068 MW·h

Land plot area: 15 ha

Project solutions for enterprises

Capacity 1.2 MW

Land plot area 3.2 ha










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